• (40 Cables) 3mm Ultra Low Profile for a GPU with Two 8-Pin PCI-E Connectors in Position #4 from chart for David Taylor

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    These 40 Cables will have 8" of wire from the edge of the GPU to the edge of the
    Motherboard Power Connector, for maximum 8" length. Total Length ~10" Each

    This order is 40 Cables for David Taylor:

    3mm Ultra Low Profile for a GPU with Two 8-Pin PCI-E Connectors

    In Position #4 from the 2nd & 3rd chart

    The 40 cables will be sleeved, shipping is free and this cable is priced allot less than if two cables were wired togther to make this cable at a single cables price.

    It may take up to a week to make and ship these cables because this is a special cable with several wires that need to be soldered together.

     If you have any issues, please message for technical assistance at KareonKables@Gmail.Com

    Please plan prior to ordering. I make these cables in an assembly line fashion so there will be

    a 25% cancellation fee on all materials cut and the cables that are assembled will not be

    refundable because this is a very special order. They will work fine but these lengths are not

    popular at all & there is considerable soldering that has to be done as well to get the 10 black

    wires to connect into the 4 top pins of the connector.

    Thanks for Planning ahead