Custom Cable Creation, Return Terms & Conditions

  •     Please contact KareonKables@Gmail.Com with the Manufacturer & Model Number of the PSU that you have for custom wiring and connector creations. I must have Manufacturer & Model Number of the PSU for every cable sale that will plug directly into your power supply. 

  •    Adapter Cables, Extension Cables, Conversion Cables & 90 Degree Angled Cables are wired to work with your existing PSU cables and do not require special wiring and pre-order contact before purchasing. If you know your wiring diagram and it matches a listing that appears to need you to send us your PSU's make and model number, please send a message confirming that you want the cable as wired in the listing and it will ship immediately.

  •    Kareon Kables orders are built at the time of sale. There is a 20% fee for all returns without defects. Fortunately, I make my cables by hand so that is very rare. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. There are no returns on Kareon Kables creations made to your specs, if you are buying cables to your specifications; please get your measurements correct. Feel free to inquire about creations that you have not fully thought out. I can help to get it right the first time, by planning into the design. I can help make your build idea a reality. If there is as design that you would like to copy in a magazine, I can make an exact copy of that cable design for you. 

  • Some parts you request have to be ordered and require a small down payment, so I am not stuck with the parts if you cancel the order. Down payments are refundable if cancelled within 24 hours. Reasons a payment cannot be completely refunded include: 1) the part(s) was already shipped be the supplier, before the 24 hours has passed. 2) The part(s) shipped next day Express and the supplier has already shipped your order. 3) If items cannot be refunded, I will discuss those situations before you make the commitment. Usually it is an internationally shipped part(s) with fast delivery times. 4) The deposit is not refundable for any reason after 24 hours because the parts are on the way and I have invested a considerable amount of time in the making the cables with the parts that I already have, which are scape to me by theme. If you cancel a build before the 24 hours has passed and parts have already been ordered, those parts will be shipped to your address, less the cost of the shipping for them. The remaining refund will be returned to you, less any consumables that I may have used creating the cables on my end, if I have started building them. Enjoy!